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    (CoD2) Server cfg creator 3.0
    Description (CoD2) Server cfg creator 3.0 > miguel_svcfgcreator30.zip

    This program will help you to create a complete and organized config for your server easyer and faster...
    You will only need to fill some text boxes and check some checkboxes and then save and upload your cfg to the server.
    Server CFG Creator 3.0 only works on Call of Duty 2 v1.2.

    New in 3.0:

    • New program visual
    • Added a new page, cfg settings
    • Added PAM enable/disable option
    • Added PAM Mode select options
    • Added the MOTD option
    • The new 1.2 maps were added to the map rotation

    Bugs Fixed:

    • "Add these lines to the cfg" in weapons is now working
    • Added missing cfg comment
    • Fixed MapRotation comment bug


    Any support to this program will be given in the forums: www.mnprojects.com/forums
    To install, just run the setup and follow the steps...

    A link to the online manual may be found in the menu bar of the program.

    This software was only tested on Windows XP Service Pack 2...



    Thank you!
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    Date Tuesday 20 November 2007 - 23:34:34
    Downloads 2684
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